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A lot of unfairness occured during music history, but the current massive structural changes within the music business provide fair music with a chance. Fair music is an initiative which aims to bring more fairness and justice to the music business and to adopt some of the ideals of the Fair Trade Organizations for music products.

fair music, the initiative of mica - music austria, has received support from Popbüro Region Stuttgart and other European Organizations. It is the first global initiative for fairness and justice in the music business. It strives to create awareness of the
importance of fair music and to strengthen the position of both artists and music listeners worldwide towards maintaining cultural diversity during the current processes of modernisation. Founded in 1994, mica - music austria serves as an independent non-profit expert organization to promote Austrian music of all genres around the globe.

Mica - music austria is an important network-node and contact point for producers, music professionals and listeners in Europe. It provides a link between policy makers and the music sector, and is a forum for different stakeholders. Services include music news at mica.at, an Austrian composers’ database, service and know-how transfer for music professionals, as well as the download platform “manymusics.org”. As a member of international music NGOs such as IAMIC and IMC, mica - music austria takes an active part in a global music network.

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