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Yipworld: success of the recording studio (11.11.2008)

Recently Yipworld from Great Britain has celebrated the launch of its PULSE Recording Studio, which was a great success. There was an overwhelming attendance and some amazing musical performances that had taken place. The artists entertained the guests and showed the quality of local musicians and opportunities available to them now thanks to the recording studio. PULSE Recording Studio is now officially open for business. There has been a great deal of interest from various musicians and also a broad spectrum of educational and musical establishments.[www.pulserecordingstudio.com]

Intercultural dialogue: many events throughout Europe (11.11.2008)

Intercultural dialogue, this is the European theme for 2008. As the year has almost passed, there are still many European events throughout Europe. The fields that are focused on are culture, European citizenship, education, youth and sport. European citizens should get an awareness of the cultural heritage and the different European cultures. Therefore, seminars, conferences, workshops, fairs, concerts etc. dealing with these themes, will be held in different countries like Belgium, United Kingdom, Romania, France, Germany, Spain etc. For more information please refer to [www.interculturaldialogue2008.eu]

European Youth Week: 20 years of European programmes (28.10.2008)

The fourth European Youth Week celebrates twenty years of European programmes for the youth. It's time to look to the future and discuss the challenges that young people in Europe will be facing in the coming years. From November 2 to 9, hundreds of events will be organised in the 31 countries that participate in the Youth in Action programme. Several workshops and discussions about Europe will take place. A central event will be in Brussels from November 2 to 6. This year's Youth Week is also dedicated to "intercultural dialogue" – the EU's theme of 2008.[www.youthweek.eu]

Commission: decides about music copyrights managers (29.09.2008)

The European Commission decided to ban certain copyright handling practices. Authors will then be free to select Europe's cheapest and most efficient collecing society. The Commission also wants to ban some territorial restrictions, namely those preventing collecting societies from offering licenses to commercial users outside their domestic territory. This was decided despite the opposition bringing forward the argument that there are "risks creating major difficulties for smaller societies who represent less mainstream," and will reduce "the volume of business to support their own local writers".[www.emo.org]

Dialogue Youth: DVD (29.09.2008)

Dialogue Youth has produced a promotional DVD about their institution. It shows what Dialogue Youth has achieved over the past few years. The eight minute DVD informes about their various activities in the field of youth work. It includes examples from North Ayrshire, Glasgow and Dundee City and the national dimension through work with the RNIB. It also contains an interview with Cllr. Pat Watters, President of COSLA endorsing the work of Dialogue Youth. Dialogue Youth has been developed in different ways by local authorities across Scotland.[www.dialogueyouth.org]

EU Commission: plans to revice the internet business (23.09.2008)

According to Neelie Kroes, European Commissioner for Competition, there are still too many restrictions for consumers within the online business. Now, together with a committee dealing with the subject of online business in general, they will work out some solutions of the following subjects: the possibilities for a growing sector, new products, services and distribution methods, and solutions concerning borders consumers are confronted with. "A union without borders, this has been promised to the European member countries. However, this does not correspond with the internet", said Neelie Kroes. Souce: musikmarkt

Sony BMG: EU has come to a decision (18.09.2008)

After four weeks now, the European Commission agreed to the takeover of the music major Sony BMG by the Sony group. Independent record labels consider the agreement as an absurdity, as the anti-trust authorities made this decision without a close examination of the two giants. Now, the world's largest manufacturer of entertainment electronics has the second giant of the music business under its control. For the market and especially for the digital business, this takeover will bring many unexpected problems about and particularly artists and music fans will suffer from that. Source:musikwoche

Yipworld: recording studio (18.09.2008)

The PULSE Recording Studio which is used as a training facility for various educational establishments, has been completed now. The studio is considered as support for young people, to achieve new skills and qualifications as well as to increase their confidence. The training will be available in three levels of music performance/production proficiency. This will include beginner, intermediate and advanced studio training schemes. The studio is funded by the Cumnock and Doon Valley Minerals Trust. A website for the studio is in development

EU's decision: on the sale of BMG will be made in 4 weeks (13.08.2008)

The Bertelsmann AG and Sony Corporation have submitted the ending of their joint venture Sony BMG to the European Commission for their acceptance. The European Union will make a decision on the sale of the Bertelsmann's shares of Sony BMG in the next four weeks. In Brussels, a decision dealing with this matter ist going to be expected by 15 September.
In the first week of August, Bertelsmann and Sony announced their plans which revealed an estimation of a current market value of 1.8 million dollars (1.2 million euros) of the joint venture. Source: musikwoche
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