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Band Exchange: Pearline is coming to Stuttgart (12.07.2012)

Sweden in Germany: As a part of an annual band-exchange-project the Swedish band Pearline is visiting Germany from the 02th to 06th of August. Pearline is a great explosive rock band from southern Sweden which is looking forward to playing on German stages. On Thursday, August 02th, you can experience them at “Kap Tormentoso” and if you haven’t had enough, you can see them on Saturday at the "Umsonst & Draußen Festival" in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. The small tour will end with their performance at "Club Zwölfzehn" as a supporting act of “Shotgun Express” on Sunday, August 05th. All dates can be found [here]

Band Exchange: Stereo Arcade is coming to Stuttgart (02.08.2011)

Sweden in Germany: the Swedish Band Stereo Arcade is coming to Stuttgart. As a part of an annual band-exchange-project another Swedish band is visiting Germany from the 11th to 14th of August. With their pop influenced, energetic indie rock music, Stereo Arcade will be playing on German stages for the first time. On Thursday you can experience them at “Club Zwölfzehn” and if you haven’t had enough, you can see them on Friday at “Merlin” as a supporting act of “The Jerks”. The small tour will end with their performance at the “Seenachtsfest” in Konstanz on Saturday, August 13th. All dates can be found [here.]

Popbüro Region Stuttgart / Jönköping:: Bandexchange - On Top Of The Avalanche in Sweden (30.03.2011)

Germany goes Sweden. Stuttgart goes Jönköping. For the fourth time already the band exchange between Popbüro Region Stuttgart and the city Jönköping in the middle of Sweden takes place. „On top of the Avalanche“ are going to go on their way to rock the swedish with their music described as post-hardcore. It starts at the Bongo Bar on the 25th of May with their first gig out of three. In return the Band „Stereo Arcade“ is going to come to Stuttgart between the 11th and 14th of August to show what Sweden has to offer in terms of Indie-Pop music. [On Top Of The Avalanche] [Stereo Arcade]

The Majority Says: in Germany (20.07.2010)

After four exciting days in Germany the Swedish band The Majority Says flew back to Sweden on Sunday 18th of July. They played three concerts in and around Stuttgart. The first concert took place in Esslingen on 14 July. Two Gigs in Schorndorf, where they appeared as special guest at the "So Kick It Festival" and at Energy in the Park in Stuttgart followed. The Majority Says enchanted the German audience easily with their catchy indie-pop. In exchange the German band Shy Guy At the Show will travel to Sweden in order to play different concerts in August. [project] [www.myspace.com/themajoritysays]

Popbüro Region Stuttgart / Jönköping: Bandexchange - Tones of Home in Stuttgart (13.01.2010)

The Swedish band Tones Of Home is coming to Stuttgart to inspire with the indie-pop they are playing. This is a project of Popbüro Region Stuttgart and their partners in the swedish town Jönköping for band exchange. The first concert will be on 21 January in Munich, where they will appear as special guest at the Emergenza Festival. The next gig is going to be on the 22, Friday, in Keller Club, Stuttgart. Their ending performance will be on the following day in Karlsruhe. In the last two concerts they will be play together with the well known band Shy Guy At The Show. [www.myspace.com/tonesofhomespace] [www.myspace.com/shyguyattheshow]

Mica: Fair Music (15.09.2009)

fair music, the initiative of mica - music Austria which is supported by the Popbüro Region Stuttgart amongst others, is the first global initiative for fairness and justice in the music business. It strives to create awareness of the importance of fair music and to strengthen the position of both artists and music listeners worldwide towards maintaining cultural diversity during the current processes of modernisation. Founded in 1994, mica - music austria serves as an independent non-profit expert organization to promote Austrian music of all genres around the globe.[www.fairmusic.net]

Popbüro Region Stuttgart / Jönköping: Bandexchange - The Rising Rocket in Sweden (15.09.2009)

One more time Jönköping and Popbüro Region Stuttgart made a bandexchange possible between Germany and Sweden. The lucky German band participating in this exchange is called The Rising Rocket and performed for example on the Vätterfesten Festival in Jönköping on August the 15th. It was already for the second time this band-exchange project between Popbüro Region Stuttgart and Bilda Jönköping took place. The Rising Rocket used the exchange in order to play even some more concerts in Sweden. In autumn a Swedish band will visit Stuttgart in return.

Gianobifronte: Giovani Suoni Festival in Naples (15.09.2009)

On September25th and 26th “Giovani Suoni” takes place in Naples, which is the most accredited Italian festival for emerging bands in South Italy.For lots of the bands having the opportunity to play on this festival it`s a very important event. Nearly all of them didn`t act on such a big stage before. Followed by the eyes and ears not only of the audience but also of experts like people working in the recording industry. Although you say the normal audience is often the most severe critic, the bands might probably be more excited to play in front of these experts.[www.giovanisuoni.com]

Split: EuRocKulture - Europe rocks! (04.09.2009)

Due to the 100th anniversary of the youth hostels in France, the Alsatian association APEROCK initiated together with the Popbüro Region Stuttgart and other European partners a project named “EuRocKulture – Europe rocks!”. Bands from Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden and Hungary met in Saverne and Paris from August, 18th until 27th with the support of the European Commission program “Youth in Action”. The topical focus of this project was the examination of the term “European citizenship”. Workshops, cultural intercommunion and concerts were part of the daily program. [www.myspace.com/splitpunk]

Diversidad: hip-hop and exchange events (01.12.2008)

On the 17th of December, the German capital will welcome several events related to hip-hop and exchange within the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue. After the successful events held in Stockholm, Madrid, Vienna, Paris, Barcelona and Lyon, Berlin represents an opportunity to evaluate the success of the Diversidad project with workshops and discussions at the House of World Cultures (HKW).[www.emo.org]
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