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Projects, which are based on a pedagocical background, consider pop music and the culture of the youth as their contents.

The aims of the projects and the institution are musical advancement and self-development.

It adresses amateurs and young people such as school bands or musicians with no professional ambition.

They learn how to improve their musical skills, but also the ability to work in a team, to get better self-esteem, social acceptance and the intercultural comparison
Projects using pop music as a pedagogical medium.

The projects or institutions are focusing on the aims of extracurricular education and self-development.

It is about learning how to acquire skills and competences, for example to achieve key-skills, intercultural and mobile competences.
Projects aiming to promote and support bands being already active/successful in the pop music business.

It is about presenting bands to an international audience with the aim to start an international career.
Projects which consider pop music as their project contents.

The projects or institutions are focusing on the aims of a musical advancement of the participating bands.

It adresses bands with a more professional approach playing national gigs.

It is about to improve musical skills but also to stabilise and strenghten the relationships of the bandmembers whithin the band.

It should also encourage the bandmembers to feel responsible for the band. (unpedagogical band exchanges)

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 Crazy Planet Records
Thomas Claus

 Crazy Planet Records
Sebastian Weikamp

 Dialogue Youth
East lothian Youth Music Network

Created in 2002, Dialogue Youth is the result of a partnership between Young Scots (The National Youth Information Agency) and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities.
 European Music Office

The European Music Office is an international non-profit association promoting musical diversity and representing the interests of European music professionals at a European and worldwide level.
 Fondazione EtaBetalab


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