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Since 2007 the Popbüro Region Stuttgart has realized multiple band exchange projects with partners from several countries. We were able to send bands from Stuttgart to Sweden, England, France and Switzerland. In exchange we invited bands from those countries to Stuttgart. Our ambition is to setup a stable exchange-network with reliable partners all over Europe in order to enhance the cross-border mobility of young musicians and bands. New partners are always welcome.

Checklist international band exchanges pdf. Download


2013:Stuttgart(GER) -->Jönköping (SWE)Electric Love
2013:Jönköping(SWE) -->Stuttgart (GER)Straight As
2012:Stuttgart (GER) --> Jönköping (SWE)Kaéla
2012:Jönköping (SWE) --> Stuttgart (GER)Pearline
2011:Jönköping (SWE) --> Stuttgart (GER)Stereo Arcade
2011:Stuttgart (GER) --> Jönköping (SWE)On Top Of The Avalanche
2010:Stuttgart (GER) --> Jönköping (SWE)Shy Guy At The Show
2011:Stuttgart (GER) --> Zürich (SW)Red Butterfly
2010:Zürich (SW) --> Stuttgart (GER)2Y´s
2010:Stuttgart (GER) --> Jönköping (SWE)Shy Guy At The Show
2010:Jönköping (SWE) --> Stuttgart (GER)The Majority Says
2009:Stuttgart (GER) --> Jönköping (SWE)The Rising Rocket
2009:Jönköping (SWE) --> Stuttgart (GER)Tones of Home
2009:Stuttgart (GER) --> Saverne/Paris (FR)Split
2008:Stuttgart (GER) --> St. Helens (UK)Sidewalk, Christian Illi
2007:Stuttgart (GER) --> St. Helens (UK)God Men gone Bad, My Reply, Nulltarif, Submarien
2007:Stuttgart (GER) --> Jönköping (SWE)Submarien
2007:Jönköping (SWE) --> Stuttgart (GER)DeLaRue
2007:Stuttgart (GER) --> Guebwiller (FR)Nulltarif, The Titans


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