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Tones of Home in Tyskland

One more time Jönköping and Popbüro Region Stuttgart made a bandexchange between Germany and Sweden possible. This time the Swedish band Tones of Home will visit Stuttgart from 20 to 24 January 2010 and play several concerts in Southern Germany. The first concert will be on 21 January in Munich, where they will appear as special guest at the Emergenza Festival. The next gig is going to be on the 22, Friday, in Keller Club, Stuttgart. Their ending performance will be on the following day in Karlsruhe. The concerts in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe will be together with Shy Guy At The Show from Karlsruhe.

In August 2009 Popbüro Region Stuttgart enabled the band The Rising Rocket to go to Sweden. Where they played some gigs and got to know their new producer with whom they will record their new album in Sweden. This is already the second time that a bandexchange project between Popbüro Region Stuttgart and Bilda Jönköping takes place. In 2008 the Swedish band DeLaRue played some concerts in Stuttgart and in return, Submarien, a German band from Stuttgart, travelled to Sweden, Jönköping to play at two festivals.

 Tones of Home
Tones of home is a five piece band from Kalmar, Sweden. Their music could be described as “powerish” pop with a melancholic and melodic touch. The band was originally formed back in 2005. Out of the first jams came a few songs and after a few demo recordings things started to get more serious. They recorded “Walkabout” as their first single recording at “Pama” studios in Torsås. In 2006 that the band reformed and guitarist Oskar and keyboard player Peter joined. Every member has a genuine love for music in various genres and you can hear it in their music. Tones of home have played more than 30 gigs so far and their first EP (six songs) was released in early 2009. They have played in the major cities of Sweden and also at Vega in Copenhagen in the final of “Bodog Battle”, a big contest for unsigned bands. www.myspace.com/tonesofhomespace

 Shy Guy At The Show
Shy Guy At The Show is a five piece Band from Karlsruhe. Their name reflects the topics of their music: desintegration and melancholia. Like Marco Stanley Fogg from Paul Auster´s book “Moon over Manhattan” SGATS are searching for their identity. The Music helps them to find and outline themselves. To search means break-up, movement and freedom but can also be long and painful. It is the same with the music of SGATS sometimes easy and exhilarated on the other side melancholic, dark and playful – without being unworldly. That´s the way modern independent rock-music should be!

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