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„EuRocKulture – Europe rocks!“

Due to the 100th anniversary of the youth hostels in France, the Alsatian association APEROCK initiated together with the Popbüro Region Stuttgart and other European partners a project named “EuRocKulture – Europe rocks!”. Bands from Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden and Hungary met in Saverne and Paris from August, 18th until 27th with the support of the European Commission program “Youth in Action”. The topical focus of this project was the examination of the term “European citizenship”. Workshops, cultural intercommunion and concerts were part of the daily program. The talented young band Split had already toured France in 2008 and they had been very successful with this tour lasting several days. Despite their young age, Split are able to look back onto nearly a hundred of concerts. During the last couple of months they rocked on the biggest festival in Germany “Rock am Ring” amongst others. In addition to that they performed as support for popular bands like Killerpilze, Razorlight and Itchy Poopzkid. Split also used their exchange in order to play some more concerts in Reims and Lyon afterwards.

More information on www.myspace.com/splitpunk

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