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“Giovani Suoni” festival

For lots of the bands having the opportunity to play on this festival it`s a very important event. Nearly all of them didn`t act on such a big stage before. Followed by the eyes and ears not only of the audience but also of experts like people working in the recording industry. Although you say the normal audience is often the most severe critic, the bands might probably be more excited to play in front of these experts.

In order to conserve and to advance the musical happenings in Naples, the festival tries to create a base. This base should enable the city to develop its promotion of such musical and artistic happenings which always have been a great passion of Naples.

This year there are playing four bands on each day. On Saturday Peacebreakers, Sula Ventre Bianco, Guy Littell and Abulico care for the ears of the audience. While on Sunday Veltanshaung, Saesciant, Crisma 33 and Auslander perform on the stage of “Giovani Suoni”. Guest Stars like Andreya Triana, Boo Boo Vibrations or Chiarastella complete the shows.

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