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Band exchange Jönköping (SWE)/ Stuttgart (GER)

DeLaRue in Stuttgart

From July 16. to July 20. 2008, the band DeLaRue from Sweden had the chance to persuade the German audience with good music. Their first gig was in Reutlingen, a town near Stuttgart. They made a very good performace even though the music equipment arrived much later than it had been planned. However, that was not the fault of the Popbüro.

The second gig was at an outdoor festival called "Schools out" which took place at an open air bath in Stuttgart. It was very well organised, good sound and a very good atmosphere backstage and in the whole area. At the same evening they had their last performance at the Keller Klub in the centre of Stuttgart which was of great success for DeLaRue.

The Popbüro accompanied DeLaRue during their whole stay and took good care of the band. "We really enjoyed our stay in Stuttgart and had a great time there as a band", said DeLaRue.

Submarien in Jönköping

From August 13. to August 18. 2008, the band Submarien from Stuttgart had the possibility to travel to the city of Jönköping in Sweden to have two concerts. After a two-day journey, Submarien was welcomed by the members of Bildamusic and the local band De La Rue. Their first gig was at the Nykvarns festival in Linköping. The only problem was that the quiet songs they played were drown out by the neighbour stage. Therefor, they had to change their programme during the show to then exclusively play rocking titles. Bildamusic was not responsible for this incident. It was an incorrect planning from the local festival organisation. The second Submarien concert took place at the Vätterfesten-Festival. The organisation was perfect. At the point when Submarien was announced, about 1,500 people had already gathered in front of the stage. The performance on the stage and in front of the beautiful backdrop was a unique experience for Submarien. That evening they gained numerous fans.

The concert tour was an unforgettable experience for Submarien and their crew. Many valuable contacts were made, so that next year they will probably once again be a guest in Scandinavia.

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