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Bandexchange: The Majority Says

This time the Swedish band The Majority Says has visited Stuttgart from 14 to 18 July 2010 and played several concerts in Southern Germany. The first concert was on 15 July in Schorndorf, where they appeared as special guest at the "So Kick It Festival". The next was on 16 July at Energy in the Park in Stuttgart. In exchange Shy Guy At The Show from Karlsruhe traveled to sweden in the middle of august and played several concerts there.
In August 2009 Popbüro Region Stuttgart enabled the band The Rising Rocket to go to Sweden. Where they played some gigs and got to know their new producer with whom they will record their new album in Sweden. This is already the second time that a bandexchange project between Popbüro Region Stuttgart and Bilda Jönköping takes place. In 2008 the Swedish band DeLaRue played some concerts in Stuttgart and in return, Submarien, a German band from Stuttgart, travelled to Sweden, Jönköping to play at two festivals.

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