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Symposium in Stuttgart 2007

The aim of the symposium was to intensify the European collaboration of youth work in the field of pop music promotion, as well as to improve and to simplify the collaboration. This was realised in various fields: many international contacts were made, project partners were found. Altogether ten projects were realised after the symposium. Know-How was exchanged and the participants were inspired by the methods and the way the different countries and institutions work.

An important result was to establish a lasting collaboration. It was decided to create a website and to maintain it together. It has been realised now. First of all, institutions and projects are presented on the website. As it is standardised, the search for projects and cooperation partners can therefore be improved.

The disucission showed that when making international youth exchanges in the field of pop music, not only the aims and target group should correspond with the partners, but also to clarify which role the music plays in the exchange: is the music regarded as pedagogical, then it plays a part in the field of youth culture and in the out-of-school eduacation. An example would be to get an own cultural identity. Is it about eduacating the participants in a pop musical manner (workcamps, bandcoaching) or is it about having international performances to get experience and to be involved in the international market.

With the symposium, the first step to a lively and multifarious European collaboration of youth work in the field of pop music was established. The communication and information flow between the PopNet Europe members was improved essentially. It was also decided that the symposium should take place in different locations every year. In 2008, the symposium will take place in Toulouse.

With the support of the European Union, this project was financed by the programme "Youth in Action". The content of the project does not necessarily reflect the point of view of the European Union or the national agency “Jugend für Europa” (Youth for Europe) and assumes no liability for the content.

More Information as well as a report, protocolls and results of the symposium can be downloded:

>>> Documentation of the symposium/English pdf. Download, 1,9 MB

>>> Dokumentation/Deutsch pdf. Download, 1,9 MB

>>> Photo Gallery here

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